Does Santa Ana need to grow up?

Santa Ana has the most overcrowded housing in the country. I penned an op/ed piece about ways the city can get more housing in the Sunday, May 10, 2015, edition of OC Register.

Do you believe an incentive program will help solve Santa Ana’s housing crisis?

  • If yes, what should the incentive program include?
  • If not, what solution would you propose?
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There’s not much the city can do at this point. The city has already encouraged high density projects in downtown with skyscrapers allowed around the train station… but the private investment hasn’t resulted in anything. Just recently, a project down on MacArthur was going to have a ~10 story tower alongside the 5 story apartment building but the tower portion was scrapped. So we are ending up with another stumpy project.

This city needs to grow up, literally in height, but it won’t happen if developers fear building towers.



moretz Default Answered on May 16, 2015.
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